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Here's a Nintendo Switch Black Friday advance contract with Pokmon Sword or Shield for 279 •


An offer the size of Gigantamax!

With the game coming out tomorrow, Currys has released a package of Nintendo Switch Black Friday with Pokmon Sword or Pokmon Shield for 279.

It's all part of the sale of Black Friday Now, which guarantees that the price you pay now will not be beaten on Black Friday itself – or will refund the difference.

Black Friday begins now?

Since a Nintendo Switch would normally delay 279 on its own, you are basically getting the latest Pokmon entry from Game Freak for free. It's the kind of deal with the Nintendo Switch Black Friday that we expect to see when the sales event begins at the end of the month. But, hey, let's take you at this early stage too!

Packs with Nintendo Switch Lite in their various colors and Pokmon Sword or Pokmon Shield are also available. However, this will slow you down by 219. This reduces the price of monster collection RPG to just 20, but it's not as attractive as it's free, is it? However, you may be behind the hand-focused version of the Nintendo Switch.

Honestly, I really don't expect this to be beaten on Black Friday. We have already seen that the US is receiving a package of Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for $ 299 as the main business of Nintendo Switch on Black Friday. This is also the older version of the console with the shortest battery life. It seems like a poorly disguised attempt to release inventory more than anything.

Meanwhile, in the UK, Amazon has released a number of new Nintendo Switch packages starting at 299.99. Maybe we could see some of these discounted items to match Currys PC World's latest offering, but who knows if they'll be compatible! Definitely buy this if a Nintendo Switch with Pokmon Sword or Shield is the gift you are looking for this Christmas.

As for the game, well, Chris really was a little disappointed with our Pokmon Sword and Shield review.

If we find more great deals for the Nintendo Switch Black Friday, you can find them on our hub page in the coming weeks. There are also pages dedicated to all the best Black Friday deals on PS4 and Xbox Black Friday discounts.

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