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Harry Dunn: Hillary Clinton Criticizes Donald Trump for 'Clumsy' Meeting with parents | US news


Hillary Clinton criticized how Donald Trump dealt with a meeting with the bereaved parents of British teenager Harry Dunn, describing his White House summit as "rather clumsy."

The 2016 presidential candidate told Sky News that the talks were "heavy", with Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunn shocked to learn that the American involved in the accident that killed her son was in the next room waiting to meet them. how they spoke to Mr. Trump.

Clinton said, "I want to express my condolences to the Dunn family. I can't imagine the pain and suffering they are feeling, and I regret the incident at the White House, which seemed rather awkward and heavy."

Hillary Clinton criticized Donald Trump for dealing with a Dunn family reunion

The October meeting took place when Dunn and Charles fought to see Anne Sacoolas returning to the UK to confront police questioning her role in the fatal car crash at an RAF base in Northamptonshire in August.

Harry, 19, was riding a motorcycle when he was killed in a collision involving Sacoolas, the wife of a US diplomat, who received diplomatic immunity after returning to his home country.

Clinton refused to resort to the question of whether Miss. Sacoolas should be brought back to the UK.

But she acknowledged that the issue of diplomatic immunity "caused confusion," adding: "There are gray errors and I hope illustrious figures can figure out the appropriate answer."

Mrs. Sacoolas has been interviewed by US Northamptonshire police officers, but her failure to return to the UK continues to frustrate the Dunn family.

Charles and Dunn said they were "absolutely on their knees" in their family for almost 12 weeks since Harry died, with the CPS still deciding whether to charge Mrs. Sacoolas.

Harry Dunn's mother Charlotte Charles, after meeting President Trump

Harry's mother: Anne Sacoolas was in the next room

The 42-year-old woman is believed to be driving on the wrong side of the road when she hit Harry on his motorcycle off RAF Croughton base on August 27.

In a letter sent to the couple and viewed by Sky News, CPS said it was "doing everything possible to make a decision as soon as possible" but "was not possible at the moment" to indicate when it might happen. .

The note added: "We are treating our review of the circumstances of Harry's death as a priority and we are doing our best to make the decision to prosecute as soon as possible.

"Although I cannot at this stage give an indication of when this will be, of course we will update it when we can confirm the time and ensure that you receive the decision before it is made public."

Donald Trump says Boris Johnson asked him to bring Harry Dunn's parents and the woman involved in the accident that killed him at the White House.

Trump & # 39; talked to the PM & # 39; before Dunn's meeting

The CPS received a file of evidence from Northamptonshire police earlier this month and the family said it had received strong indications that a recovery decision would arrive this week.

With no sign of progress, Dunn and Charles issued a joint statement saying "the authorities are making our lives hell."

They added, "We really suspect something funny is happening."

Anne Sacoolas claimed diplomatic immunity and left for the US
Anne Sacoolas claimed diplomatic immunity and left for the US

Family spokesman Radd Seiger said he learned from police that the CPS was in contact with the Foreign Ministry during the investigation and was "working in the diplomatic immunity position."

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab had previously told Commons that the UK government believed that diplomatic immunity "clearly ended" Mrs. Sacoolas when she left the country, but that attitude seems to have made little difference in the way the matter is concerned. It is seen in Washington.

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