Get Nintendo switching offerings with Amazon Prime Preorder Savings


By Seth G. Macy

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For a long time, Amazon was the best possible place to pre-order games. Prime's pre-sale incentive hit 20% of the price, but Amazon has stopped running the promotion for some time and we're living without all that time. So far. Although the savings are not as dramatic, Amazon discreetly began to drop pre-sale prices for certain games, from $ 59.99 to $ 51.99.

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Preorder Super Mario Maker 2 for $ 51.99

In the Amazon

Super Mario Maker 2 comes out on June 28th. It's next week! With the long weekend of July 4th right after, you should have plenty of time to create all levels of fun and create creative ways to make Mario die. But, really, how many Marians do they really live?

Preorder Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 for $ 51.99

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For my money, this was the real star of Marvel's E3 2019 game. It will be released on July 19, but you can snatch it now for $ 51.99 if you are a Prime member.

Pokémon sword / shield with $ 10 Amazon credit

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The best deal on Pokemon Sword and Shield is to order them separately instead of buying the combo pack. You save nothing with the complete solution, and you also lose $ 20 of credit at Amazon. If you plan on getting both, get them that way.

Preorder Dragon Quest Builders 2 for US $ 51.99

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If ever there was a game more appropriate for the Nintendo Switch, it is the series Dragon Quest Builders. The second game will be released on July 12 and you can reserve your copy by Amazon and save a few dollars.


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