Tuesday , February 25 2020
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General Elections: Work Defines Its Lifelong Learning Plans – Live News | Politics

Regardless of whether you left school without GCSEs or 10, your ability to pay or your willingness to take on debt will not determine whether you receive the education you need.

Over the past eight years, the number of adults with English and math skills has dropped by 40%. This is not their fault. We will ensure that all adults are supported in reintegration into education and give them a chance to obtain the necessary basic qualifications, either at level 1, GCSE or through functional skills, so that no one is prevented from working or otherwise. opportunities because they did not succeed in education for the first time. And if they don't already have them, we will provide funding for everyone to access Tier A, T or NVQs, whatever level level qualification suits them. These are vital skills needed by workers across the country. But we cannot let this be the limit of our ambition. Our goal is a high-skilled, high-wage economy that fits the challenges of the future.

Under conservatives, people are trapped in a low-skilled, low-wage economy, unable to survive. Meeting this challenge requires a revolution in our educational system. No warmer words about parity of esteem, no banalities about Germany's performance. We cannot simply pretend that we can copy a country with a system of society, economy and education very different from ours. What we demand is much bolder than an attempt to imitate our European partners. That is why the next Labor government will offer the most radical expansion of adult education in the history of our country.

As part of the upcoming national government education service, we will open the door to retraining, qualification and lifelong learning.

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