Fully Precise Battle Simulator is released in early access


After yonks laughing at bizarre GIFs of sniper archers and bulging eye mammoths in the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, we ourselves can put strange armies against each other in foolish punches moved by physics. The Totally Accurate Battle Simulator came into early access today, and yes, I know today is Lie Day, but the launch is real. The content of the game, maybe less. The Vikings really Take longboats in battle to shoot at your enemies? I think at least TABS can teach us if it would have been effective.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator goes into early access with a 50-level campaign and a sandbox mode, so we can go through prearranged silly fights or ours. Landfall game developers hope to release the full version within a year, planning to add new factions as well as features such as a unit editor and battle creator so players can create the silly fights of their dreams.

Landfall has experience with physics-minded folly, having previously done Clustertruck and Totally Accurate Battlegrounds – the latter being, in fact, an April Fools joke that went out of control.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is now available on Steam Early Access. It costs £ 11.39 / € 12.49 / $ 14.99 now, and Landfall says they can increase it by as much as $ 5 when leaving early access.


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