Friday Fortnite from KEEMSTAR is coming back with Ninja, Myth and Tory Lanez – Full bracket


Before there were skirmishes, royales and the World Cup, there was Friday night.

Presented by KEEMSTAR, a personality best known for its Drama Alert program, Friday Fortnite was Fortnite's biggest competition every week before Epic announced its support.

Once Epic organized their own Fortnite eSports, they closed the awards for community tournaments at $ 20,000.

With more competition and less money to offer, KEEMSTAR stopped hosting Friday Fortnite. But now the drama of FaZe-Tfue brought it back.

After FaZe Banks repeated allegations that the organization only received $ 60,000 from Tfue, he offered to return the money to him.

Since Tfue would never accept this offer, instead, $ 60,000 went to Fortnite's fortnightly three-week funding.

This tournament is interesting because it focuses more on influence than on Fortnite's ability. The best players like Cecil and Ghost Bizzle of the 100T have no invitations, while rapper Tory Lanez and YouTuber RiceGum are in parentheses.

You can see the full bracket below, even if only half of the points have been filled so far, the bracket will update automatically when they enter more duos:

The rules for Friday Fortnite are simple. You and your duo appear in two random games, regardless of which duo has the most fighting after both games begin.

It's the double elimination and the games run at the same time so the support moves quickly.

There's still time for more doubles to be added, and the last time the event was held, KEEMSTAR got a few other celebrities to compete in the event, and we hope it can harness the power of the star again to fill in the key.

As you might expect, the event will happen next Friday and can be viewed through the UMG Twitch channel or in all the individual streams of the people who are playing.


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