Wednesday , June 16 2021

Fortnite TVs updated with a countdown timer

All Fortnite TVs began broadcasting a warning of an impending storm on January 16, and a day after, on January 17, a countdown timer was added.

Epic Games added Fortnite v7.20 on January 15 and several leaks have emerged suggesting a new in-game event simply called "Ice Storm".

One of the leaks included transmission images appearing on TV along with different graphics.

On January 16, all Fortnite TVs on to display a "weather warning".

Around 2:00 p.m., on January 17th, approximately, all Fortnite TVs were updated with a countdown timer.

The timer will reach zero at 2pm on Saturday, January 19th.

It is also interesting to note that Donald Mustard, the worldwide creative director of Epic Games, updated his Twitter banner to display the 7th week load screen, Season 7, featuring Ice King.

The last time we saw a countdown at Fortnite, it was back in season four with the rocket launch event in the game, which was attended by millions of players.

The rocket launching event was a historic moment for Fortnite fans as players entered games to see the rocket take off from the bunker outside of Snobby Shores.

We're not sure what the countdown can lead to, but maybe it has to do with the ice sphere above the Polar Peaks and the Ice King?

What do you think will happen on January 19, when the countdown is complete? Let us know these theories in the comments!

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