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Fortnite: Map Exploded and Replaced by Black Hole

Black hole being streamed on Fortnite's Twitter pageImage copyright
Fortnite / Twitter

A huge asteroid blew up the map in Fortnite – to mark the end of season 10.

Fans were unable to play the game, which was replaced by a black hole.

Fortnite has also deleted all of its tweets and is simply running a live black hole broadcast on Twitter – which had over 290,000 likes.

Forbes game writer Paul Tassi described the event as "the end of an era".

For those who don't know, Fortnite allows up to 100 players to fight individually or as part of a team, being the last position on a virtual battlefield.

On Sunday, the island on which players play was destroyed by an asteroid.

Fans were predicting a dramatic end to season 10, which began in August.

Fortnite owner Epic Games has confirmed that "The End" will take place on Sunday, October 13.

A countdown timer appeared in the game above the rocket at Dusty Depot.

Players who were online during "The End" saw a meteor shower in the game that seemed to erase Fornite's map.

These players were then sucked into a slot and the screen was replaced by a black hole in the center.

Some players were quite shocked.

Some were having withdrawal symptoms.

Others were mourning the Fortnite map – which remained strong for 10 seasons.

While some wondered how long it would take Fortnite to return.

The black hole that replaced the map seems to be showing numbers at random points.

And that makes people think.

Chief technology officer Elon Musk even stepped in.

In October last year, he tweeted a fake article that suggested he had bought Fortnite just to exclude it.

And he made a joke when the black hole appeared on Sunday.

Since then, fans have been wondering when they can wait for season 11.

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