Emmerdale spoilers: Groomer Maya snorted while terrorizing the new child victim?


Child-caregiver Maya Stepney has managed to avoid detection so far – but that looks set to change Tuesday night in Emmerdale.

The intriguing teacher started a & # 39; relationship & # 39; with teenager Jacob Gallagher on the back of his boyfriend and his father, David Metcalfe.

The student, who fell in love with Maya, takes things to a new and frightening level when he sends a topless selfie.

Her attempt to impress Maya does not work, as she ignores her message – amused by her flirting technique.

Jacob Gutted decides to send another photo of risk the next day.

Horrified Maya snatches her cell phone away from Amba

Jacob has sent the selfies without a teacher's shirt.

Horrified Maya realizes that Jacob sent another photo, but her phone was left in the store.

Maya fears she's rumbled, so she makes a frantic run to the store.

She enters and, angrily, picks up the phone from the table.

David and Priya are feeling suspicious

Will they discover the shocking truth?

Terrified Amba, who is innocently doing her schoolwork, is feeling very confused by Maya's antics.

She is not the only one, because her parents, David and Priya, are suspicious of Maya's behavior.

Maya is finally about to be exposed?

* Emmerdale goes on air tonight at ITV at 7pm

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