Croydon School Sports Field Will Not Contain Toxic Materials


The guarantees that a new sports field does not contain potentially toxic materials were made by a Croydon school.

The Minster Junior School wants to build a 3G field along with fences and lighting at the school on Warrington Road.

He has raised £ 200,000 for the field and has now submitted a modified version of a planning request to the Croydon Council.

A school business manager, Andrea Lee, said the initial application filed in the summer did not state that the artificial sports field would be sand-based.

That surprised some nearby residents, including David Kelly of St Leonard's Road, who was worried if the rubber was used, could be a cancer risk.

Ms. Lee said, "We would never have the tone of rubber, it was something we specifically asked not to have just because of the mess it creates."

The plans are also for the installation of floodlights of 10m, which would not arrive after 8pm every day.

"The most recent they would be would be at 8:00 PM and that would be on rare occasions," Lee said.

"Really, they are playing school games – the last they will finish is at 17:30.

"One of the other things is that if there are small gaps along the fences, we will plant more foliage.

"We really do not want this to impact other residents, except, possibly, in the future, they could use the field.

"We do not want to work against people. I'm more than happy to have someone talk to me about what's going on."

The public consultation on the plans was extended until 28 November.


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