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In April, in one of his regular Conservative Party polls, the ConservativeHome specifically asked how they would vote against a choice between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt.

Johnson won by a landslide, defeating Hunt almost two to one (61% to 33%).

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Photograph of Johnson v Hunt: ConservativeHome

It's just a research, and this time there will be a campaign, hustings and debates, but this is probably a fair guide to what the party thinks at the moment. It shows the scale of the challenge faced by Hunt.

This is all from me to tonight.

My colleague Kevin Rawlinson is assuming now.

Conor Burns, Bournemouth's deputy and a key member of Boris Johnson's team, rejected the idea that they had lent votes to Hunt to make sure he progressed. He said:

The message came from Boris: if people want to support me, they vote for me, do not fuck around. We wanted to progress at every stage. We wanted to go to the members, more than half of the party voting for Boris. This is a really strong mandate and message from our parliamentary colleagues to our members in the country – get on board and we will put it all together.


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