Wednesday , April 21 2021

Bluehole ends the Fix PUBG campaign to focus on even bigger issues

Bluehole developer has announced the completion of the recent massive studio campaign to improve the main battlefield issues of PlayerUnknown. Fix PUBG was originally designed to finally address the gaming community's growing dissatisfaction with how the developer deals with their popular Battle Royale shooting game.

It comes as a rude awakening to the PUBG players who received Bluehole's recognition that the original Battle Royale game status was not on the same level. The Korean game developer has promised to eliminate the more prominent problems players have been expressing since the initial release of the game on Steam Early Access. A bold promise that calmed the tired players who began to embark on other real battle experiences.

After all, it's not the beginning of 2017 anymore and PUBG is no longer the only, or even the main, place to make your last man stand. Fortnite has attracted a larger audience of players for being a free-to-play title, but also managed to gain positive participation among the players. In contrast, the more the competition began to appear, the PUBG players became less and less happy with the game. Simultaneous numbers of players have been steadily declining.

Everything is not lost however. There are still hundreds of thousands of active players in PUBG every day. Drastically less than during its peak, but still makes PUGB one of the most popular multiplayer shooters on the market.

Fix PUBG could have been a turning point for the game and win back old and new players. Unfortunately, it seems the three-month campaign was not good enough, as with Bluehole's claim that Fix PUBG is gone, the game began to receive large amounts of negative user ratings on Steam. The complaints are the same as before the Fix PUBG. Troublemakers, pairings, performance and servers continue to haunt the hit breakout of a poster child.

Although Bluehole details the improvements made during the Fix PUBG campaign in his post, the studio admits that it ignored issues that are important to the community and that have reflected a lot on their own mistakes. The developer once again promises to change direction and that in 2019 stability and quality will be the most important values.

Meanwhile, PUBG is poised to finally hit the PS4 after a full year of Xbox console exclusivity on December 7. It will be interesting to see how the PS4 audience welcomes the game. Fortnite and H1Z1 used the absence of PUBG on the Sony console to promote their own audiences last year, and with all the negative press that PUBG has been receiving for a long time now, it's not certain that it will become a big hit either .

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