BioWare Details Anthem Javelin Customization on Latest Livestream


customization of the hymn dart

BioWare has fulfilled its promise to host a Hymn livestream dedicated to Javelin customization. Lead producer Ben Irving hosted the broadcast, with the help of character director Francis Lacuna and associate producer Leah Shinkewski, and showed the top eight places where someone can customize the dart suit. The presentation also passed through the outer core, also known as silhouette, enhancements, painting and emoticons.

Here is the flow.

This flow focused on customizing the Javelin Ranger costume. Each exosuit, regardless of class, has eight "interaction points". As described by Shinkewski, these points act as "jump points in all places where you can customize your exo". Interestingly, the interaction points include helmet, guns, paint, chest, wear state, vinyl, legs and animations. The elements responsible for changing the outline of the costume are the chest, the helmet, the arms and the legs. Meanwhile, customizing the look of the suit involves ink, vinyl and wear state. Emote customization occurs in the animations section.

During the flow, the painting section was shown first. It has six total "regions" – Primary Hard, Secondary Hard, Tertiary Hard, Primary Soft, Soft Secondary and Soft Tertiary. Each region has many options, none of them exclusively related to color. Instead, these regions are dedicated to materials, which receive reflection in terms of the textured appearance of the dart. Needless to say, everything is amazing. If you want only the helmet to have a screen pattern, this option will be available. Want a two-tone pattern that you can customize later with colors of your choice? BioWare also did this as an option.

As a legal warning, Irving explained that not everything displayed in the stream will be available from the beginning. Some cosmetic options require players to unlock them, a facet of Hymn an experience that BioWare is not yet ready to discuss. Still, personalization seems an incredibly complex ordeal.

Hymn will arrive early next year for the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.


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