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Audi S8 2019 Review | Autocar

Inside is a story similar to the exterior, with subtle updates on the standard A8 interior. Subjectively, there is little precious room for improvement in what remains one of the best interiors of any car at any price. But with unique carbon fiber and aluminum finishes, the new S8 can provide additional appeal.

Expensive, pleasing, tactile materials combine with crisp, clear digital instruments, plus a standard 10.1-inch touch-screen display for entertainment and entertainment functions, a lovely multifunctional steering wheel and high-end sports seats. provide a truly first class driving environment.

Under the right conditions, the big Audi is brutally powerful, with serious driving qualities and relentless traces of driving urgency. The sturdy engine is the undisputed star of the show, with the sledgehammer performance type to propel it from standstill to 62 km / h in 3.9 seconds.

The eight-speed torque converter's automatic gearbox and fast-acting four-wheel drive system also play a key role in the explosive acceleration and cruising capability of the upper shelves. Together with the engine, they form an intoxicating combination that is further enhanced by a convincingly synthesized synth soundtrack played over the speakers.

However, as effective as it is under full load in sport mode, the S8's engine is also attractive in more measured acceleration inputs in a completely more relaxed Comfort + mode. In urban driving, it is wonderfully flexible, even in Eco mode, where the on-demand cylinder system closes a cylinder bank, essentially turning the engine into a four-cylinder unit for brief periods.

The most remarkable thing about the new S8, however, is the added agility brought about by the adoption of Audi's predictive active suspension system and dynamic all-wheel steering. In addition to varying front wheel steering assistance, it adds a steering function to the rear wheels, which rotate in the opposite direction to the front wheels at low speeds and in the same direction at higher speeds.

The result is a new found level of communication and response. Despite its generous dimensions, you can place the new S8 more accurately and confidently in any driving situation. On more challenging roads, there is a welcome liveliness and neutral character in the great Audi that has always been found missing in its predecessor. With its predictive suspension function that can change damping characteristics up to 18 times per second and the ability to tilt corners in a motorcycle-like fashion, the new S8 is more composite and fluid. Directional stability of the trademark has also been improved, increasing stability at higher speeds.

An additional advantage of adopting rear wheel steering is the reduced turning circle at low speeds, a development that facilitates parking maneuvers and low-speed urban driving. The quality of primary driving is also improved. However, S8 is still disturbed by larger grooves and transverse grooves.

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