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O Open Demo Hymn – following the previous VIP Demo comes instead of what most expected to be beta and gives you an early insight into BioWare's next space shooter, regardless of whether you have pre-ordered it or not.

Here, we will detail how to access the Anthem demo, which is nice and simple, along with any other important information that is worth knowing.

If you missed the VIP demo, then when you're uploading, be sure to give hymn tips, tricks, and hints to guide you through a quick read to get a good start in preparing for action!

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Hino Demo dates, start time and how to access Open Demo

Now that the VIP Demonstration is out of the way (which happened on the weekend of January 25-27), things are a bit simpler. There are still many different dates you can play, but in terms of the next occasion, Open Demo, here are the start and end dates to remember:

  • Anthem Open Demo start date and end date – Friday, February 1 to Sunday, February 3

O Anthem Open Demo start time is the same as it was for the VIP Demo:

  • UK: 17h (Brasília time)
  • Europe: 18:00 (CET)
  • East Coast USA: 12:00 (EDT)
  • West Coast USA: 9:00 AM (PDT)

Similarly, Hino End time open demo It is expected to be the same as VIP Demo, preventing any changes:

  • UK: 2h of Monday February 4 (GMT)
  • Europe: 3h, Monday, February 4 (CET)
  • East Coast USA: 9:00 p.m. (EDT)
  • West Coast USA: 6am (PDT)

How to access the Anthem Open Demo

The Open Demo for Anthem is just that: completely open to anyone. It's a classic old-school demo – just go to your digital store (choose a link to the PS4 Store, Xbox Store and Origin Store), search and download. However, remember that it is only available during the above dates: EA and BioWare also did not extend the VIP Demo, even after a full day of technical problems in the beginning, so do not expect these dates to move!


In addition to this open Demo, you actually have two other chances of playing Anthem in advance, before the full release date – more on that below.

What will the Anthem Open Demo look like?

It looks like the Anthem Open Demo will be a continuation of what was on the VIP, with the progress of the VIP demo confirmed to be transferred to the Open Demo as well, if you participate in it.

Otherwise, you'll be level 10 first, with a vertical slice of the game available to you: a few areas of freer, a variety of quests, the main central area of ​​Fort Tarsis and a wide range of customization options for your Dart .

On the Javelins issue, only the two were available in the VIP Demo until the last day, where all four were made available to players – if you played in the VIP Demo, then all four will be available to you again in the Open Demo, but it seems it is only for those VIP players:

BioWare has also shown glimpses of the game as part of live community broadcasts and new pre-Demos video coverage, including the game hub, NPCs, and missions available. Arekkz shows some examples of this in your video below if you have not yet taken a look at what is to come:

Otherwise, the normal things apply: it's an online game, so of course you will need an Internet connection – and on consoles, Xbox Live and PSN signatures – to play.

Meanwhile, there is a lot to learn about Anthem if you have not heard about it yet. Our video below shows better than we can, but in short – it plays as a cross between Destiny, Warframe and Titanfall, with some BioWare stories being thrown into the mix.

Whether it is comparisons for you personally, it remains to be seen. I think you'll have to play Anthem Demo to find out!

Additional writing by Matthew Reynolds.


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