Alive! Aston Martin gave a manual to Vantage


Great news, driving geeks: the Aston Martin Vantage now comes with a manual. It is being introduced with this limited term AMR Vantage but will be offered as an option on regular Vantages from 2020.

Much like the Vantage S V12, which featured a change of appearance cameo appearance in the previous generation of the car, is a seven-speed transmission that features a first dog leg.

So, the first gear is left and down, with marches from two to seven on the most commonly used H-pattern road cars. It is equipped with rev match. Automatic on swaps, but you can disable it if that intervention offend you.

Only 200 Vantage AMRs will be made, all of them manual and all with standard carbon ceramic brakes, all together, helping to weigh 95 kg less than normal, 1,530 kg car with folded blades.

Handy for the AMR Crawl-Credit badge is meant to bring in, especially when the twin-turbo 4.0-liter is actually a little out of tune in the standard, offering the same 503bhp but a 461lb ft of leaner torque. Clearly, the manual box can not cope with heavy loads. The performance is as good as the same, however, with a time from 0 to 62 km / h (up to 0.4 second) and top speed of 195 km / h.

Of the 200 AMRs sold worldwide, 59 of them will be sold in the specification you see here. Called "Vantage 59," it marks Aston's 1959 victory at Le Mans with the same combination of green and lemon as other Aston Martin AMR specials and a shedload of Alcantara inside. Look at those seats!

The remaining 141 cars will be available in blues, gray, black or white. These will also save you a sum of the size of a hot hatch, costing £ 149,995 where the Vantage 59 version commands £ 164,995.

"When I joined this company, customers asked for it and, as a gearbox engineer and driver, I promised that we would always offer a manual transmission on our line," says Aston chief Andy Palmer. "In a world of autonomous robotic cabs, Aston Martin will continue to promote the art and science of driving performance."

If our gentlemen still allow us to drive manual gas-fired sports cars when the era of autonomous robotic taxis has come up, consider really happy.


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