21 Whole30 Vegetarian Recipes – Best Whole30 Vegetarian Meal Plan


ImageCotter Crunch / Live Eat Learn

Embarking on the Whole30 Diet requires the patience of a saint, and that sounds especially true if you are a vegetarian.

"For vegetarians, this diet is particularly challenging when it comes to protein sources due to the avoidance of legumes. [including peanuts], grains and dairy products, "says Bonnie Taub-Dix, RDN, author Read before eating – taking you from the label to the table. The idea is to redefine your body by eliminating foods that can be considered inflammatory, which in addition to vegetables, grains and diary include soy, alcohol and sugar.

Although Taub-Dix is ​​not the biggest fan of the diet – it restricts many food groups and, in turn, many excellent sources of nutrients – it is understandable that many people turn to it. It claims to give people lighter skin, more energy and fewer headaches, to name a few.

If all food elimination looks scary, instead of thinking about what you can not eat, think of what you can, such as fruits, vegetables, eggs, seeds, nuts (but not peanuts, which are vegetables), and black coffee. These Whole30 vegetarian meals will get you through your 30 days without meat.


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