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Zelensky salary to May amounted to 12 700 hryvnia – Ukraine News

June 25, 4:06 pm

As chairman, Zelensky spent only 10 days in May but got an average monthly salary from an ordinary Ukrainian.



Goodbye Cabinet increases salaries for employees, the head of state, Vladimir Zelensky, received his first presidential salary for 10 days in May, which amounted to just over 10,000 hryvnia.

It reports on this issue "the factor".

The journalist's request to the presidential administration reported how much the president won in May. Clean your salary was a little over ten thousand.

According to information provided by the State Department, the salary for the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky May 2019 since taking office (head of state) was calculated in the amount of official salary – 12 727.27 UAH. , bonuses,.) are not appointed to the President of Ukraine After the collection of mandatory taxes in the amount of 2 481.83 UAH, the salary was deposited "– says the AP's response.

Let's note that the fifth president of Ukraine (2014-2019) Petro Poroshenko said that his salary as head of state was 28 thousand hryvnia per month, but he transferred that money to charity.

As reported today, "Today", the State Statistics Service reported that in January-March 2019 the highest monthly average salary in Ukraine registered in the aviation industry workers – which totaled 25 850 UAH.

also increased and the average salary in Ukraine. In April, the average nominal salary of a full-time employee of Ukrainian companies, institutions and organizations reached 10,269 UAH. The number of April exceeded the level of the minimum wage, which is equivalent to 4,173 pesetas, almost 2.5 times.

And the City of Kiev Employment Center has appointed professions whose representatives earn more in the capital:

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