Zelensky defended his wife after the scandal with the Donbas, the election


Ukraine's presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky defended his wife after accusations that she allegedly supported the Russian occupiers in the Donbass.

On the Facebook page, the actor explained the incident with his wife's station in the social network, which caused a scandal. As it turned out, when reposting Elena Zelenskaya did not reflect her friend's eyeliner:

"Morozov Pavlikov looking for cheap sales?" – such a text was accompanied by the publication that the invaders are willing to pay money for information on the movements of the APU fighters up front.

"Watch out carefully! Gunships!" Zelensky replied to those who accused his wife of betraying Ukraine. However, he explained in the commentary below that he used the word "dust" for those who create forgeries.

"When I talked about gunpowder, I did not mean people who have a different choice, I'm talking about those who made a false post. added Zelensky.

We will note that many netizens expressed doubts that the post of Zelenskaya was real and considered false. They also noticed that on Elena Zelenskaya's page there were many posts of patriotic content.

Elena and Vladimir Zelensky

Elena and Vladimir Zelensky

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the eve of the scandal with a post on the Donbas, Zelensky's wife was unexpectedly supported by his sister-in-law Poroshenko.

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