Yuriy Lutsenko acknowledged that parts for military equipment were smuggled from Russia


Yuriy Lutsenko acknowledged that parts for military equipment were smuggled from Russia

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Doing this in a belligerent country is normal. And making money is immoral, says the Attorney General.

On February 27, Yury Lutsenko explained the situation with the people involved in journalistic investigation of large-scale misappropriation in the defense industry. The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine is investigating the fact of non-payment of tax in the amount of 22 million Optimumspetsdetal, and the National Anti-Corruption Agency of Ukraine (NABU), in turn, will investigate whether the deviation occurred, the Attorney General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko said

According to him, a large number of units and assemblies for military equipment are made exclusively in the Russian Federation, and reproduction of this production will cost "billions of investments".

"It is probably no secret that in recent years most of these parts have been received by the Ukrainian defense industry by volunteers and businessmen who smuggled it from the territory of the Russian Federation," Lutsenko said.

The Attorney General believes that, in the interests of a belligerent country, this practice can be considered acceptable. However, the "gross profit" in such a business is immoral, illegal and must be stopped.

– In fact, the companies in the military complex and the Forge on Rybalsky factory, which prepared certain products for defense industry companies, received the products Optimumspetsdetali and Renal mainly from the country of the aggressor, which were delivered in a way it was not possible to establish – said the public prosecutor. At the same time, Lutsenko emphasizes that it was not "air" that was provided, but real products, which helped to increase the defense capacity of Ukraine.

Yuriy Lutsenko added that the Public Prosecutor's Office has been investigating since 2016 for many of the suppliers who were involved in supplying defense companies. Including the focus of attention of the Public Prosecutor's Office was the company OptimumSpetsdetal, appearing in a high-level investigative journalism. There, in early 2017, during the search, evidence was seized of the possibility of misappropriation of state funds on a large scale.

– Speaking in plain language, the company actually provided the units and assemblies … I only have one question – when the people at Optimumspetsdetal received funds, did they pay taxes? I assert – no, they do not pay, they used fictitious companies to transfer money into cash and they split up, so our task is to return unpaid taxes to the budget – Lutsenko said. According to him, in the coming days, the Office of the Prosecutor General awaits final estimates of the SFS on the amount of damages, after which the Office of the Attorney General will do everything to return the funds to the state budget.

Lutsenko said the investigation had already achieved "the final step of the prosecution," when the media published an investigation into theft in the defense industry.

– If the political excitement raised in the Rada and the disclosure of pre-trial investigation data does not prevent us, we will continue the interrogations that are taking place recently, delivering the final value of the damages to the GFS, suspecting, arresting the property if necessary and suing all those who is involved in the scheme! – explained the Attorney General.

Ukraine's National Anti-Corruption Department, meanwhile, said that the companies mentioned in the "Our Pence" program on abuses in making purchases for the Ukrainian army are already under investigation by the NABU.

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