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Why frameless smartphone

Recently, Huawei has launched the new flagship P30 and P30 Pro. There is a new screen, the display of the older version became rounded the sides too on here "chins" in the bottom of the monitors remained. In during a recent interview, the head of Huawei Richard Yu explained why the emblematic bottom frame without frame.


Per according to the head of the company "chins" smartphones are needed: as it turned out, they save and device and your owner of false positives.

"If you look to P30 then You will see that the bottom frame is really small. In fact, the lower frame of the P30 is even smaller than that of the P30 Pro. We are we can do the chin yet, but so the phone will not very comfortable told by Richard Y. Reason for that we not completely removed the lower frame is the random clicks. If would not be there was a chin every time you want to make a brush of the bottom of the screen, then the monitor may respond to this gesture is as in the pressing".

However, it is possible that Richard Yu has been a bit silly, and the frame is necessary, firstly, because of the design limitations of smartphones.

In any case, while Huawei will give up "chins"even in emblematic models. Instead, the company will focus on reduced lateral frames.

Source: GSM Arena

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