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What could be the iPhone in a sliding format. Reedus

In Japan, Crown Prince Naruhito was under the authority of the country's emperor.

It happened at 00:00 from May 1, time of Tokyo (18:00 April 30, Moscow time).

At the same time, the first year of the raves era ("Perfect Harmony") began in the country. Then it will be called the era of the new monarch.

The traditional chronology system is used in Japan simultaneously with the international one.

Earlier, on Tuesday, April 30, in Tokyo, events related to the abdication of the 85-year-old emperor Akihito took place, which received the title "dzko", which means "honorary emperor."

In the morning of May 1, Tokyo time, a state ceremony will be held at the Imperial Hall's "Pine Hall" in central Tokyo on the accession of Naruhito, 59, to the throne, TASS reports.

The new monarch will receive the symbols of his authority – the main state and personal imperial seals, as well as the so-called sacred perks: a sword and a precious jasper hidden in coffins.

Then Naruhito will make his first address to the nation as a new emperor.

As reported by Reedus, the date of the abdication of the Emperor of Japan, Akihito, was baptized in December 2017. In June of the same year, the upper house of the Japanese parliament passed a special law abolishing the throne of the emperor Akihito and transferring the throne to Crown Prince Naruhito.

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