Vakarchuk will not support any of the candidates for the presidency of Ukraine


The leader of Ukrainian group "Ocean Elzy" Svyatoslav Vakarchuk said that during the next presidential election, Ukrainian voters should have the opportunity "to make an informed choice and then to protect it."

January 28 on ZIK channel The leader of the Ukrainian group "Ocean Elzy", Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, said he does not plan to support any of the candidates for the presidency of Ukraine.

"I have no plans to support any presidential candidate. I believe that as a voter and as a conscious citizen, as a person who declares the desire for real change, the main thing for me now is not a surname, but for me the main thing is policies or ideas But not just ideas, but their implementation, that is to me, in the first place, it is important what these politicians or potential presidential candidates do, much less – what they say, although this denote their world view. if bad deeds, not good and bad people, "- said Vakarchuk.

He added that voters need to be given the "opportunity to make an informed choice and then protect it."

In January, Vakarchuk declared that he was disappointed with the current state of Ukrainian politics and wanted to bring as many new faces as possible. "I'm in business. You'll learn more soon," he said.

January 28, the musician said he would not participate in the presidential election.


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