US hit bitcoin: what awaits criptomoeda


The more liquid Cryptomedean rates will increase, despite the Securities and Exchange Commission's decision to extend consideration of Bitcoin-ETF registration applications.

This OBOZREVATEL told Forex Club analysts. The US regulator will likely continue to delay this process and may delay decision making for up to 240 days. "The news of an internal attack on the Bithumb digital trading platform was also negative for the cryptography market," analysts predict.

US hit bitcoin: what awaits criptomoeda

Demand for bitcoin rose 0.8% per day to $ 4,124 (with a capitalization of $ 72.9 billion). Ethereum rose 0.57% to $ 142.3 (with a capitalization of $ 15 billion). XRP increased in price by 0.97% to $ 0.313 (with a capitalization of $ 13 billion). Litecoin per day added 0.17% to $ 60.4 (with a capitalization of $ 3.7 billion). In the short term, Bitcoin could grow to $ 4,200, the Ethereum – to $ 145, the XRP – to $ 0.32 and Litecoin – to $ 61.


  • Cryptomania virtual "money". For the release, regulation and verification of transfers using encryption technology. Not recognized by most countries in the world.

  • Bitcoin The most popular crypto. Founded in 2008 (during the global financial crisis).

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the president of the United States Foreign Exchange Commission (CFTC), Christopher Giancarlo, said the cryptomeo has a future, but it will not compete with the dollar and the hard currency.

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