Thursday , October 21 2021

Ukraine U20 Italy U20 1: 0


Amazing achievement team Petrakova!

Ukraine beat Italy

Ukraine beat Italy

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The selection of Ukraine (U-20) reached the final of the World Youth Championship, beating peers from Italy – 1: 0.

The match took place on a collision course, and the Ukrainian players gave a decent resistance to the Italians, who approached the meeting with the status of favorite.

A detailed analysis of the match Ukraine – Italy is available here.

In the first half of the game, the teams were not satisfied with a large number of points, however, Ukraine and Italy may add some dangerous approaches to their assets. But the zeros on the board were usually logical.

In the second half, the game became more active and lively. Immediately after the break, the Italian team seemed more preferable. In particular, forward Andrea Pinamonti had some good points. But our guys managed to take advantage of the initiative and at the time of one of the attacks, Hemp shot, Supryaga moved away from the opponent's body, and Buletsa closed the pass.

The last twenty minutes have become a real thriller. Popov got a quite controversial removal, forcing Petrakov's wings to play in minority.

The real drama unfolded in time compensated when Scammak scored a goal in 90 + 2 minutes. While the Italians exulted, the referee watched the replay of the video. The VAR system showed itself in all its glory, the referee was convinced of the violation of Scammaki's rules, which elbowed our defender.

The final whistle has set the victory and Ukraine's exit to the final of the junior world championship!

Ukraine U20 – Italy U20 1: 0

Objective: Buletsa, 65
Removal: Popov, 79

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