TRON announces Odyssey 3.6 update


The main TRON network will be upgraded to the new version 3.6. On this in his Twitter, said the founder of TRON Foundation Justin Sun.

The update, called Odyssey 3.6, will contain several updates designed to protect against fraud, as well as expanding opportunities for dApps developers. Among them are:

  • add new instructions to the TRON virtual machine (TVM);
  • implementation of a lighter internal event server, which will make it easier for dApps developers to configure their own event servers if they choose to enable this feature;
  • enhanced protocol data checking to prevent malicious data from appearing in the chain;
  • add multi-signature compatible permissions;
  • P2P network optimization and transaction transfer process.

"Developers can use the TRON and TVM protocol to develop applications for themselves and for the community," the company said.

Recall that Tron has recently launched the SUN Network test network. The update includes several solutions to scale the network, including DAppChain.

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