Transgender March – U Klimkin responded to the attack on a Canadian journalist in Kiev – Politics


Ukraine's Foreign Ministry condemns assaults and attacks on journalists and participants in peaceful demonstrations, official Foreign Ministry spokesman Yekaterina Zelenko said in connection with the clashes that accompanied the march. transgender rights in Kiev.

"We believe that attacks on journalists, as well as any manifestations of intolerance and violence, are unacceptable. We are awaiting the results of the investigation of the security agencies," wrote the author of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine on his Twitter page on the night of Sunday, November 18.

As reported, during the march, Canadian journalist Michael Colborne was attacked, who was hit in the face, breaking his glasses.

Canadian ambassador to Ukraine Roman Vashchuk urged public security agencies to "respond effectively and convincingly" to "the criminal and odious actions of extreme right radicals."

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On November 18, LGBT activists reportedly tried to in the center of Kiev march in defense of the rights of transsexuals. On the day of the action near the red KNU them. Taras Shevchenko brought together representatives of right-wing organizations and religious communities.

Near the unknown subway station "University" threw smoke bombs through a police cordon and sprayed tear gas.

Trans * March participants planned to announce the requirements for the approval of a new transgender clinical protocol, suspending the adoption ban, adoption of gender identity in anti-discrimination legislation, and a list of signs in which manifestations of violence should be considered crimes of hate .


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