Toyota introduced the new Corolla sedan


After the presentations of the hatchback and Corolla station wagon Toyota took a long pause leaving the most interesting to Ukrainian modifying four-door model for later. In addition, the Japanese have fought seriously against leaks in the new sedan, and now we understand why, writes

The presentation of the new sedan at Toyota decided to stay in two places: the United States and China. Interestingly, in terms of design, the American and global Corolla are quite different. The overseas sedan at the front is very similar to the hatchback and only differs in bumpers and a fake radiator grille, but the overall version of the four-door turned out to be completely different. From the general with a hatchback, maybe just front doors.

With the change of generations, the sedan changed to the modular platform of the TNGA. In addition, for the four-door vehicle, a trolley was chosen from the Corolla station wagon with the wheelbase increased to 2700 millimeters. In simple words, the new sedan should surprise everyone with a spacious interior, although the old Corolla can not be considered the closest in class.

As for driving habits, here the new model will be very different from its predecessor. Instead of a cheap beam, a more comfortable multi-link is now installed on the rear axle. It is no secret that maintaining such a suspension is more expensive, but Toyota believes the global customer has already hit the comfortable Corolla and will agree to pay for it.

In Europe, a significant proportion of sales are due to hybrid sedans with a "four" of 1.8 liters and a total power of 122 horsepower. Four doors with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 132 horsepower will not be less demanding. In the database, this mechanism is offered with a manual transmission and, for an extra cost, you can order a version with a variator.

Already in the initial performance of the European sedan will be a good "stuffed". The Japanese promise a complex sense of security, even in starter kits. It includes automatic emergency braking systems, blind spot monitoring, traffic signal recognition and adaptive cruise control. But in the Ukrainian market, the crop may slightly revise. For example, the Yaris updated the most affordable models we offer without Safety Sense.

Earlier we wrote that Toyota and Subaru recall thousands of cars: problem models are named. The campaign will affect cars produced in certain years.

It has also been reported that Toyota recalls more than one million cars around the world to eliminate electrical defects. In September, an automobile company burned down because of that defect in Japan, a Toyota spokesman said. No one was injured by this incident.

The practice of remembering a failed car is popular all over the world. So, in the summer of 2017, the automotive giants Ford, Nissan and Mazda have recalled a total of 2.7 million cars, sold in the US market and equipped with defective airbags produced by the Japanese company Takata. In the spring of 2018, the Russian AvtoVAZ collected more than 100,000 Lada Kalina and Granta vehicles.


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