Toxic players in League of Legends decreased by 30% | League of Legends


With the introduction of a new system to track violations and impose penalties, League of Legends players are less likely to leave the game ahead of time and feed by 30%. Riot Games talked about this in the new edition of “Developers’ Corner”.

The creators of League of Legends also revealed their future plans. With patch 10.24, an early delivery system and partial protection against LP loss will be added to the game.

The advance delivery system will work as follows:

  • 10 minutes after the start of the match, players will be asked to surrender ahead of schedule if their team at that time does not have an ally (absence / inaction).
  • As in re-creating the game, to surrender earlier, all players must vote yes.
  • Players forced to surrender due to the absence / inaction of an ally will lose less LP.

The LP loss protection system will work as follows:

  • Partial protection against loss of LP applies to players whose ally left the Ranked Game in Summoner’s Rift (or was inactive during the match).
  • The amount of LP that injured players will lose under the influence of protection is calculated from various factors in the game.
  • Partial protection against loss of LP does not apply to the player who left the game / was inactive, or other players in his group.
  • The partial protection system has a weekly limit.
  • We will be watching for these changes (in conjunction with the pre-season ratings) to ensure that the LP system is not compromised.

Among the plans for 2021, the developers cite the following:

  • Greater transparency in the feedback system: Players affected by violators who regularly spoil games should be notified of their punishment.
  • An updated system of penalties of varying severity, which provides adequate measures for all types of negative behavior.
  • Additional types of punishment in classified games, depending on the type of queue and player behavior.
  • Verbal Chat Inspection: An automated system that detects and punishes offenders who offend other players during a match, preventing further damage.

Riot Games notes that it will continue to combat negative player behavior, as well as to introduce a system that will record and reward positive behavior.


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