This week, the Ukrainians expect the first frosts / GORDON


There will be no significant rainfall in Ukraine this week, said Natalia Didenko.

This week, the first frosts will come to Ukraine. This was announced on November 5 by meteorologist Natalya Didenko on Facebook.

She noted that significant rainfall is not expected this week.

"The only movement will be observed from the air temperature.It will gradually decrease, degrees will decrease, and even at the end of the week we will feel the first weak spots in our noses at night, afternoon and morning.First, somewhere on Sunday – in the extreme east (Lugansk region), then – in the east and northeast (Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkiv and Sumy regions). And next week – also in the north, "- said the forerunner.

Didenko added that the fog is expected in Kiev on November 6 and next week.

"The air temperature at night is +2 … + 7 ° C, +9 … + 13 ° C during the day. In the capital there is also a tendency for a gradual decrease in air temperature. end of this week and at the beginning of the next thermometer, at night they will fall to zero or for small disadvantages, "- said the forerunner.


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