They did a lot to make Ajax look great –


Tottenham midfielder Kristen Eriksen – on the game against Ajax (0: 1).

Ajax took a big step towards the final of the Champions League, beating Tottenham on the road.

"We played below our abilities.The first 20 minutes just watched as the ball moves through the field.Then you can not play against the club, which depends on the possession of the ball.Then of course, you must work before the game of We helped Ajax a lot to make it seem so good, and thanks to us, the opponents felt they could control the game. "

"The tactical formation is not that important at the start of the game, we just lost all the balls, and in the second half we played more focused on the goal, but no one was expecting a first half.

"It's impossible to keep talking about personal problems all the time, we're in the semifinals of Europe's premier club tournament, and here we have to jump over our heads, I think we're lucky we did not lose another." next week, "said Christian Eriksen.

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