There are photos of damages to the Ukrainian courts


Pictures published with the consequences of the bombing of Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait. On this Tuesday, November 27, the Navy's press service on Facebook.

Siloviki posted a photo with a huge hole in the boat "Berdyansk". As assured in the Navy, he was aboard one of the wounded sailors – Andrei Eider.

"During the transition, the signal commander Berdyansk mbaka Berdyansk Eider Andrey was at his post, exactly where you see a hole in the cockpit of the Ukrainian boat. He and other military personnel were injured," the Navy said.

The military added that these facts clearly demonstrate an armed aggression against Ukraine.


As reported by Strana, one of the Ukrainian seamen captured in the Kerch Strait, Andrei Eider, was able to call his relatives.

Recall that the SBU confirmed that the vessels seized by Russia were its counterintelligence agents.

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