The underwear of the bride of Rozenko 48-year-old sells for 20 thousand hryvnia


The host of the New Channel "Fun on the Net" project once again found an advertisement for the sale of her autograph. In one of the places, the unknown, posing as Artem, tried to help him by twenty thousand hryvnias.

This was reported in the New Channel press service.

He also attached Helen-Christina Lebed's underwear to her autograph. Earlier, fraudsters have tried to make money from fans, selling their signature and even a fake phone number. But for the first time, Elena-Christina Lebed found a message about selling her clothes.

"Some Artem with OLX have decided to break all fake sales records! Friends! Do not be fooled – not my pants, autograph – too! I do not give cowards to the fans! Autographs – with joy but for free, not shorts! "- wrote the New Channel host on his Instagram.

The followers of Elena-Cristina Lebed found similarities between these cowards and cowards in one of the problems and began to speculate who Artyom was and how the laundry could reach him.

"These are apparently those magician edition panties and panties on the chandelier. Well, seriously, people have gone crazy.

"Christina, has the seller come to guess the size?"

"I understand you, then cancel the purchase and I wanted to get your autograph. Everywhere disappointment ".

Fans also advised the New Channel to investigate this. Elena-Christina Lebed, for her part, admitted that she had already scheduled an appointment with Artem.

Previously reported, Ukraine TV presenter Elena-Christina Lebed, known for the "Networking Fun" program, complained of serious health problems.


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