The state of LADA 4×4 after a long time of inactivity shocked the blogger: AvtoMedia: VladTime


The driver did not expect the SUV to be able to "survive" in an unequal struggle with a damp brick and corrosion garage.

A Garage of Grandfather blogger showed how a few days ago he opened one of the old garages, which turned out to be a real-time capsule, in which someone left an old LADA 4×4 from 1997 for descendants. For more than 20 years, the VAZ-2121 has been in a state of "suspension" on the tablets, and after opening the garage, it has been found that it still shows signs of life.

Mileage "Niva" was 2 671 kilometers, which is clearly visible on the tachometer. The condition of the panel as a whole raises no doubt, since everything seems as decent and untouched as possible. The reasons why the owner of the LADA 4×4 left for too long in a "confinement" of bricks are unknown, but the owner of the car said he now plans to sell it for 400,000 rubles.

"I stayed in the garage for 20 years, and it looks like a new one," the blogger's Niva state shocked because after the inspection it was discovered that the corrosion did not touch the vital components and aggregates of the LADA 4×4 liner, which went to a big surprise for the car enthusiast.

Only rusty brake pads and alloy wheels, and the reviewer notes that if you replace them, and then charge the battery and refill high-grade gasoline, then this LADA 4×4 will probably start and will be able to safely run no worse than your contemporaries.

Alexey Lopatin

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