Thursday , February 25 2021

The spouses shot under a court in Nikolaev appeared his relative

A resident of Nikolaev, Gerasim Bagiryants and the Belova spouses who were shot by him under the court building were related to each other. This is reported by "News-N" with reference to a source close to the Bagirants family.

In particular, the daughter of Belovs, Alexandra, lives in the USA, she has three children. And her husband is the first cousin of the Gerasim Bagiryants.

Mikhail and Tatiana Belova knew Gerasim as relatives. Bagiryants called Belovy "Misha" and "Tanya", they he – Hera. Relations between the two families cooled slightly after differences emerged on the debt issue.

Let's remember, on Wednesday, January 30, in Nikolaev at the exit of the district court Leninsky of the hunting rifle "Saiga" Odessans – wives Mikhail and Tatyana Belova were shot. The crime scene shooter did not hide. He ended up being Nikolaev's resident, Gerasim Bagiryants, who the court recognized as the debtor of the Belovs.

We also report that on January 31, near Kremenchug, unknown people have dealt with a local businessman of 55 years and left his body in a parked car.

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