The possession of Zelensky – diplomats spoke about the protocol, and the numerologist advised


May 1, 22:51

Segodnya journalists have discovered where and when Zelensky's inauguration will be held

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The inauguration date of the new president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky will be appointed by the Verkhovna Rada. Discussions on the location of the ceremony are still ongoing, and journalists from Segodnya have decided to ask for opinions on the future oath of the head of state of a numerologist and a specialist in the diplomatic protocol.

As you know, the doors were closed at the opening before Yanukovych, and an honor guard soldier was getting behind the back of Poroshenko. Failure can seize Zelensky, if he chooses a bad day to take over, warn the numerologists.

At the request of "Today", they calculated the best dates for the inauguration. The first to check those who called at your headquarters – May 19 or 30.

"Day 19 is more appropriate because it is the day of the full moon.It is a very heavy day.And if we consider from the point of view of numerology, this naturally leads to leadership, when a person takes the right place, that is, everything. This date, the 30th, is calmer and will give him what Vladimir is waiting for, this energy, this accusation, "says numerologist Galina Ganzha.

At the same time, she added that it is best to choose the second or third of June, as this month will add to Zelensky's credibility and respect as president. But May carries the vibration of solitude.

However, the exact opening day will be determined not in the seat of Zelensky, but in the Verkhovna Rada. And although on the date the desire of the winner will not be affected much, but he can choose the guests himself. His team has already stated that the event is planned on a large scale.

"It's legal," said Andrey Bogdan, a lawyer for Zelensky. "It's legal," said Vladimir Zelensky, who has been invited to the inauguration.

At the winner's headquarters again recalled the NSC "Olympic" which will be able to accommodate all the guests. However, according to the Constitution, the inauguration can only take place in the hall of sessions of the parliament.

But after the oath, the president can continue the celebration anywhere. Viktor Yushchenko went to Maidan, Petro Poroshenko – to Sofia Square. There are no strict rules on attributes.

The most popular is the apple, as a symbol of power. And after the inauguration of Kravchuk, there was a tradition of bringing the gospel of Peresopnytsia to the podium.

"This is not the norm, this is a wish, but he must lay hands on something." This is the Constitution, on the one hand, and I do not know what will be on the right. , he said he wanted to work like George Washington – and there is a family Bible, "Natalia Adamenko, a specialist in etiquette and diplomatic protocol, said.

Despite the fact that the inauguration is a protocol procedure, for each president was unique: with bad omens for Yanukovych, twice different for Kuchma, with several oaths in one day for Yushchenko and tears for Kravchuk. Let's see what it will be to Zelensky very soon.

"Talleyrand, and this is the Minister of Foreign Affairs under Napoleon, he once said: a lot can be dispensed to a politician and a statesman, except one thing – the lack of manners. So it seems to me that the new should exaggerate with innovation, combine tradition and progress. And then everything will be fine, "- said Adamenko.

By law, the inauguration must take place within 30 days after the official announcement of the election results. The countdown will begin when they publish the ECC decision. To carry out the ceremony must by June 3, inclusive.

Remember the presidential elections in Ukraine, which followed closely "Today" by posting news, photos, videos and online declarations, Officially ended with the announcement of the final data at a meeting of the Central Electoral Commission on Tuesday, April 30.

The CEC officially nominated the winner of the race for the presidency. They became Vladimir Zelensky. The winning team responded to the announcement of the results of the CEC and noticed that they were waiting for the inauguration.

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