Thursday , February 25 2021

The participant of the national team in "Eurovision" surprised with unexpected recognition

Participant of the National Team of Shocking Marov admitted that she had already worked in a strip club.

Anna Korsun, also known as the soloist of the MARUV group, is famous for her sympathy for BDSM images. Team videos are more like "adult movies" than music videos that can be viewed for children.

Although thanks to this, the Ukrainian singer is known far beyond the borders of Ukraine, writes with reference to

Recently, on the show "The Interviewer" Anya admitted that she had already worked in a strip club. She was offered as an unusual part-time vocal teacher.

After I was expelled from the math exam, my singing teacher offered me a job because in our team I was the most beaten and shredded in one of Kharkov's strip clubs. They needed a saxophonist vocalist to sing a chanson. It was a great tip, at that point I got some dofigishch for a student. He could not make $ 100-200 a day, "the girl remembers.

In fact, it was there that Anya met her future husband: "In the same strip club, I met my husband." My husband came to his friend, the hookah maker, he introduced us. my director. "

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So, you never know where you will find your destination and where you will get inspiration for creativity!

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