Sunday , February 28 2021

The new Fallout 76 update has returned the old mistakes, and the trading networks are trying to get rid of the game.

The Fallout 76 update promised at the end of 2018 was released and brought many changes. This affected the balance of the game economy, PvP, camp arrangement and weapons. Among the top issues, we note a reduction in damage from the legendary explosive modification, a decrease in the individual abilities of the characters, as well as the introduction of a 1500-pound limit on the portable load in excess of the capacity of the backpack. The update was marked by a negative point, that is, the return of old bugs.

There were complaints on Reddit that objects could be cloned again in Fallout 76, and the master keys became very heavy. In the subject, the manager of Bethesda Softworks was anonymous under the surname of Ladydevann. She assured that the team is already aware of all the problems and is working to fix them. In the meantime, one of the users talked about the possible reasons for the return of errors in the official forum of publication. The player wrote that the update was created based on the old version of Fallout 76. The moderator closed this thread, saying that he was tired of "Hostile expressions". The same user posted a post. again and tried to catch "Words that do not offend anyone". This time, your post was deleted and your account was locked.

Meanwhile, retailers give Fallout 76 many buys. The GameStop store offers the game for the purchase of a used gamepad on the PlayStation 4. Saturn Distributor places a copy of Fallout 76 in the Xbox One X package of Fallout 76. You can get two copies of the latest Bethesda project. Reddit actively shares these actions with the community.

If you notice an error, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.

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