The Mask Company has completed the construction of a super-speed tunnel near Los Angeles.


The founder of the SpaceX and Tesla companies, Ilon Musk, showed the latest stage of work on building a high-speed underground tunnel near Los Angeles.

American businessman and inventor Ilon Mask showed the drill, which completed the installation of the Boring Co underground tunnel near Los Angeles, where they will launch an ultra-fast car route. On this he reported on twitter.

"Congratulations to the boring company at the end of the tunnel! The latest technology!" wrote Musk.

In April 2017, the head of the Tesla and SpaceX companies at the TED conference presented a tunnel network project near Los Angeles in the United States. According to the idea, these tunnels will be additional ways for vehicles to travel around the city. Each car can descend into the tunnel on special platforms located in different parts of Los Angeles. Under the ground, the cars will also move on automatic platforms, whose speed, according to the plan, will reach about 200 km / hour.

In May 2017, Musk on his Instagram page showed the first tests in the Hyperloop bullet tunnel near Los Angeles.

On October 22, he reported that the first super-fast underground tunnel near Los Angeles was almost ready for operation. According to Ilona Mask, the inauguration of the tunnel is scheduled for December 10 this year.


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