Sunday , March 7 2021

The MacBook keyboard can be replaced with a

Future Apple MacBook keyboards will be protected from dust or other foreign elements that may affect the exchange mechanism by replacing it with a glass panel with protruding "keyboard" sections.

Published on Thursday by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the patent application entitled "Computer with Keyboard" describes a keyboard with no moving parts.

Instead of moving the keys, it is proposed to use a sheet of glass with convex sections to indicate the location of each key.

When the user presses one of the sections of the salient key, the keyboard detects, using an existing sensor, the force applied to that "key" and reacts like a normal computer keyboard.

The use of slightly protruding keys will provide an opportunity to provide users with tactile feedback communication, allowing you to know exactly where your fingers are located relative to the center of each key. Although, in principle, it looks like a virtual keyboard on the screen, for example, a smartphone or tablet, in which it is much more difficult to enter text than on a normal keyboard.

It is assumed that the keys in response to pressure will bend slightly and the bottom layer of this keyboard will have elements that allow you to return the key to its original position and detect each pressing.

Because the panel is made of glass, the key symbols can be placed on an additional screen at the bottom of the laptop, making it relatively easy to change the keyboard layout to another language or version for a specific application. In addition, the side sections can be used as a touchpad along with the keyboard elements.

In addition to eliminating potential malfunctions of the keyboard mechanism due to pollution prevention, this solution will help make the keyboard even thinner, which will allow you to use a more spacious battery or get a thinner laptop profile.

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