The funeral of Dasha Lukyanenko – online June 21, Ivanovka


Today, Dasha Lukyanenko, 11, was buried in Ivanovka, Odessa region, whose body was found on June 19, after almost a week of searching. The main suspect is Nikolai Tarasov, 22, who lived nearby and knew the child's family. He confessed to the murder.

Earlier we collected all the details of the case in one piece.

"Country" led a report by Ivanovka. How did it go – read and see below.

14:59 Dasha Lukyanenko was buried.

2:45 p.m. Below we publish videos while the casket is placed in the tomb. Dasha's mother screams inhumanly.

If you're not mentally prepared, do not watch this video.

14:42 The coffin is lowered to the grave. Everyone is crying and men are crying too.

14:38 Mom says goodbye to Dasha. The woman shouts "no, no". This is not a cry, but a howl.

14:35 The villagers embrace Dasha's coffin.

14:34 Portrait of a girl who will be installed in the tomb.

14:33 To the tomb of Dasha bear toys – teddy bears.

14:25 Relatives kiss the closed coffin lid – then say goodbye to Dasha. The lid can not be opened because the body is decomposed.

14:21 The procession reached the cemetery.

2:10 a.m. Container Tarasov in the market. In it, the villagers wrote: "Assassins", "C @ ka", "Vaughn", "You have no place in Ivanovka".

14:00 The procession has passed the market, where the Tarasov family has its own food outlet.

Today there is almost no trade, only pivbar works. But the visitors sit there sober, do not drink, sit in silence, the correspondent of "Countries."

Tarasov's mother told the neighbors that she would sell the business, the house and leave.

13:54 The procession stopped. The coffin was placed in front of the house of Tarasov.

His house is on Lenin Street, which carries the coffin.

13:49 Most of the village seemed extinct. It seems that all those who could, went to the funeral, the correspondent of "Countries".

13:47 The coffin with the body of Dasha will be carried by the house of Tarasov.

Residents who go behind the coffin promise to burn the killer's house.

13:43 The funeral procession advanced to the graveyard.

The correspondent for the "Country" informs that about 600 people are marching behind the coffin.

13:38 One local resident became ill. Insolation. The ambulance of doctors gave her smelling ammonia.

13:33 The director of the local school used the word: "The photo is a cheerful and joyful girl." She was like this at school, we did not know her, she studied well and danced beautifully. I have no words.Thanks to the parents who have always paid attention to the child.Please accept sincere condolences from the whole school. "

13:22 None of the murder's relatives suspect at the funeral. The locals are very angry with them and are likely to beat them, suggests the "Countries" correspondent.

13:17 The child's body in a week decomposed, the specialist said. About the casket of flies.

1:15 p.m. Students at the school where Dasha studied are putting flowers in the coffin.

13:11 In the center of the village, where the mourning ceremony takes place, there are now about five hundred people.

In Dasha's tomb his family.

13:03 The head of the village council made a speech after the funeral.

"Recently there have been so many users who are just sitting at the computer, they do not want to do anything, change anything (insinuations to Nikolai Tarasov, approx.). And so such non-humans appear. We sympathize with parents. Until recently, we believed the girl would find it. We searched the woods, the wells, and we believed the girl would be found and she would be alive. When we learned that she was already dead … We could not think that the subhuman is near and cleverly manipulates us. We are grateful to the police that they took this non-human and gave the parents the opportunity to bury this little body, "said the village council chairman and wished the killer a terrible death.

12:57 Those who have come to say goodbye to Dasha gradually move away from the tent where the coffin is located. Hidden in the shadows. They drink water – it's very hot out there.

12:53 People get up and hear the prayer. Briefly he made observations among themselves. Sympathize with the relatives and desire the death of the murderers. Residents believe the suspect's relatives are also involved in the tragedy.

They support their assumptions as follows: there were many gallons of blood in the Tarasovs' house, they washed it for a long time to hide the traces of the crime. It would be hard for the suspect to do this.

We noted that yesterday the head of the National Police Chief Board made a strange comment: Tarasov allegedly watched detective series and knew how and how to wash the blood, used special means.

12:48 The funeral ceremony continues. The police also came with flowers. The Country correspondent suggests that this is the group that found the girl.

12:44 Residents brought many wreaths and flowers in baskets.

12:41 According to our data, today at the Odessa court in Kiev, Judge Feduleyeva will determine the extent of the suspect's restraint in the murder.

12:38 A coffin with a child is carried down the street. The funeral has passed. It is led by several priests and by the choir.

12:25 The funeral begins as a child.

12:20 Already almost half of the city gathered in the square. The house of the Tarasov was taken under heavy guard by the police, the people in the square are perplexed by this. Dasha's coffin was taken to the square.

12:18 The 11-year-old Darya Lukyanenko murder suspect, Nikolai Tarasov, was brought from Odessa back to Ivanovka on the night of June 20. At the scene of the crime carried out investigative experiments. The suspect was accompanied by a reinforced convoy, said Ruslan Forostyak, an adviser to the head of the Chief Emergency Management Board in Odessa region. "It was the necessary number of police officers to avoid self-will," Forostiak said.

12:17 A tent was erected in the central square of Ivanovka, right in front of Lenin's monument. People gather around. This is where Dasha's coffin will be brought. A lot of black residents, people cry without hiding the tears. In the square, located directly in front of the state administration, there are already three hundred people.

12:15 pm There are more and more people on Lenin Street, where the Lukyanenko family lives, the police blocked traffic.

12:12 In the child's coffin – Dasha's parents, her grandmother and brother – a teenager a little older than she – about 12 years. Parents scream and cry. The cries of Dasha's relatives were heard: "Get rid of the journalists!"

12:10 Several hundred locals gathered to conduct Dasha Lukyanenko. The girl is buried in a closed white coffin.

12:00 p.m. According to our correspondent of the scene, this morning the suspect's mother came to the market to open a point, began to clean the tags with a cleaner, partially handled the task. People started to resent it, it stinks cleaner and again painted inscriptions.

11:50 In the market, the mother's trading point of the suspect Nikolai Tarasov was painted with the inscriptions "You do not have a place here", "Assassins", "Get out of Ivanovka".


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