The forecaster for the next few days promises Ukraine a cruel and debilitating heat


In the coming days, air temperature in the afternoon in Ukraine will reach +30 … + 36 degrees, the heat will become even more irritating. About this writes forecaster Natalya Didenko on Facebook.

In the west, from June 22, it will be slightly cooler, +24 … + 29 degrees, but thunderstorms will pass here, turning into showers in places, with gusts or hail. "Local rains can spread to the Zhytomyr region, the Vinnitsa region and at night to the Odessa region," adds Didenko. In the rest of Ukraine there is a mass of dry air, high fire danger.

In Kiev on June 21, the heat will also anger, dry weather is expected, afternoon +31 .. + 33 degrees.

According to Didenko, the rain closest to the capital is scheduled for June 24 and, according to preliminary forecasts, the weakening of the heat falls on June 26, on Wednesday. The air temperature drops to + 25 + 28 degrees.

"So plan your vacation safely and according to the weather forecast.Water water everywhere and drink more.It is advisable to dive in the water, under the tap at home or at work, hands on the elbows.Gives a little relief Herbal teas are fine now. " gives the foresight advice.

Recall that the meteorologist has already said that Ukraine will continue to live in captivity with a 35 degree heat.

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