Thursday , February 25 2021

The fall in Windows sales is to blame … Intel

The fall in Windows sales is to blame ... Intel

In October of last year, we learned that Windows 10 stopped growing. During a recent conference call on Microsoft's financial results, CFO Amy Hood gave a very interesting explanation for the decline in OEM OEM sales. In short, the chief financial officer of Microsoft blamed Intel for the situation, of course, not directly. Specifically, Microsoft's CFO has linked to the deteriorating sales of Windows, the current shortage of Intel processors, which we have written many times and which Intel only hopes to complete by the end of the year.

"Talking about [падении продаж] Windows, global shipments of PCs were lower than we expected, mainly [долгих] chip delivery to our OEM partners, hampering a generally healthy PC ecosystem and negatively impacting license sales revenue in the OEM Pro and non-Pro segments, Amy Hood said. – OEM Pro revenue declined by 2%, which roughly corresponds to the reduction in the commercial PC market. Revenue from Non-Pro OEMs fell 11%, which is below market level due to the continued drop in demand in the budget segment. "

The fall in sales of Windows OEM licenses, in turn, pulls a decline in license sales revenue for the Microsoft Office suite in the consumer segment. And while more computing personnel, according to last quarter results, managed to increase revenue by 7% (up to $ 13 billion), the main merit in this belongs to the line of Surface devices, whose revenue grew 39% (for $ 1.86 billion) as well as the direction of games.

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