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The ex-wife of Valeria Meladze made a frank confession

Ex-wife of the singer Valeriy Meladze – Irina – thanked the artist for treason. According to the woman, the ex-husband granted his invaluable life experience.

As Irina admitted on one of the NTV television programs, during her marriage to the singer, she violated one of the recommended divine rules: "Do not make yourself an idol."

"There's a red corner where the icon should stay, and I had a picture of a husband there," – quotes a StarHit woman.

Meladze's ex-wife was so blinded by love for the artist that she did not notice his betrayal for many years. When the secret finally became clear, Valery Meladze and the former soloist of the group "VIA Gra" Albina Janabaeva had a son, whose existence they carefully concealed.

After her divorce from Irina in 2014, the singer immediately married Dzhanabaeva. Of the marriage with the ex-wife, who lasts 25 years, he left three daughters.

Earlier published snapshots 28 year old daughter of the singer – Inga.

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