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The history of the digital money market could have been completely different if Vitaly Buterin had received a US work visa.

The founder of cryptocurrency Ethereum Vitaly Buterin in 2013 tried to gain an internship at Ripple Company. If it were not for issues with the visa, then perhaps the XRP token would now occupy not the third line in the Coinmarketcap classification, but the second.

"Funny thing: I tried to get a job as a trainee at Ripple in mid-2013, but I had a hard time getting an American visa because the company had only worked for 9 months and needed at least a year," Buterin wrote.

In late 2013, the programmer first proposed the idea of ​​creating the Ethereum platform, the ICO project ended on August 31, 2014, the currency was sold at $ 0.31. In January 2018, it set a record high of $ 1,432, an increase of 461.935%. Now Altcoin with a capitalization of $ 6.7 billion is being traded at a level of $ 173.

Earlier, the International Monetary Fund drew attention to the Ripple network. According to the organization, the development of start-ups will help solve problems with remittances.

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