The court over Zelensky's withdrawal from the election changed to 22.00


On Saturday, April 20, the Sixth Court of Appeal of Kiev should begin considering the case regarding the possible cancellation of Vladimir Zelensky's registration by a presidential candidate in the lawyer's claim Andrew Hilko at 9:00 p.m.

However, the court session was postponed to 10:00 pm, since one of the jury members appeared to be in another hearing. This is reported by the court correspondent "Countries".

In total, representatives of about 60 media are waiting for the meeting to begin.

Photo: Country

Meanwhile, photos of Andrey Hilko's suit appeared online.

Photo: telegram

Let's remember, before "the Country" reported that lawyer Portnov stated that he decided to withdraw Zelensky from elections "the sucker, aiming to become famous".

"Today, some suckers, to become famous, filed a lawsuit in the administrative court over the illegal registration of Zelensky." The court has opened the case, and people are worried, "Portnov wrote in the social network.

He also explained that the court is required to file a lawsuit, but it is still too early to draw conclusions.

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