The Bitcoin rate has dropped to a low since the beginning of the year, along with other large crypto-coins dropped


The Bitcoin rate has dropped to a low since the beginning of the year, along with other large crypto-coins dropped

Bitcoin, the main global crypto-currency, started this week taking a new negative border. On Monday, January 28, as a result of next fall, the lowest amount was recorded since December 17, 2018 – about $ 3388 for a virtual currency. At the same time, other crypto-coins have become cheaper. And the situation has not improved much in the last 24 hours.

According to the CoinDesk service, which monitors the cost of cryptocurrency in different exchanges, the minimum course value in the last 24 hours was $ 3,346.14 per bitcoin. The same is not far from the new absolute minimum, the current is $ 3,136 (September 2017). In fact, in the last few hours, Bitcoin and others have had some loss. From 11:29 in Kiev, they gave $ 3385.96 to Bitcoin.

"The current cryptographic asset movements are nothing more than a technical correction," said Mati Greenspan, one of the eToro analysts, as quoted by the source, describing the situation.

The analyst notes that the current situation does not deserve much attention. According to him, since November of last year, the exchange rate practically did not change, it was only then that the cryptocorrĂȘncia was negotiated in a broader range of prices of $ 3,000 to $ 5,000, and now the corridor has decreased to $ 3,000 and $ 3,500 for the lower and upper limits, respectively.

On the other hand, there is neither the slightest sign of improvement and the return of Bitcoin and the entire crypto-coins market to steady growth after a fall of more than $ 700 billion last year.

Source: BusinessInsider

  • Bitcoin rose sharply in late 2017: in October it surpassed $ 5,000 in November – $ 10,000, and by mid-December it surpassed the $ 20,000 mark. Then a sharp depreciation began and in January the criptomoeda lost half the cost.
  • The current situation with Bitcoin's decline and the collapse of the entire crypto-currency market is associated with a restriction on mining and the trading of crypto-coins in several large countries against the background of a general decline in the interest of investors and speculators emerging from Marketplace.


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