"The Battle Began": Grayscale Investments Launched a Video Ad Urging to Get Rid of Gold


Cryptomaniac asset manager Grayscale Investments, part of holding company Digital Currency Group holding Barry Silbert, has launched a campaignDropgold and issued video ads urging investors to look seriously at the advantages of the digital age and recognize that gold as a store of value is now inferior to bitcoin.

"The battle of Bitcoin and gold begins … today."

The main characters in advertising are trying to avoid an apocalyptic fate because of the investor's obsession with gold in adopting a digital future. Security, speed and efficiency of Bitcoin can not be ignored, according to the company.

Grayscale Investments underlined that if 15% of its assets were transferred from the SPDR Gold Trust fund to the Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) over the past few years, the annual increase would be 15% higher than the pure gold portfolio.

The company also promised to continue an aggressive marketing campaign and place ads not only on digital platforms but also on television as well as physical billboards.

"The gold industry has made a tremendous marketing effort to promote this overvalued metal, but Bitcoin has stronger physical and market characteristics. I am convinced that it is Bitcoin that will become a store of value in the digital age. "said Barry Silbert.

Recall that the GBTC can control about 1% of all Bitcoin emissions (200 thousand BTC).

In early April, the total stock encryption funds managed by Grayscale Investments again exceeded $ 1 billion.

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