The Amazon chief loses his wife and half the state. What does Trump have to do with it?


On Wednesday, January 9, the world's richest man, Amazon's chief owner and chief, Jeff Bezos, announced the divorce of his wife after 25 years of marriage. By law, the state of Washington, where the headquarters of the Amazon, the ownership of the spouses is bound to divide equally. That means Mackenzie Bezos, 48, can get about $ 69 billion and become the richest woman in the world. As an aspiring writer, she became Miss Amazon, whom Jeff Bezos preferred her and what Donald Trump had to do with it.

"Without this, there would be no Amazon"

Mackenzie in childhood differed from shyness, but dreamed of becoming a famous writer. At age six, she composed the 142-page book of short stories. Unfortunately, the manuscript is not preserved.

After school, she entered Princeton University, where she studied fiction in the course of Pulitzer Prize-winning Tony Morrison. In an interview with Vogue magazine, Morrison called her "one of the best students ever to take part in my creative writing classes."

In her student years, Mackenzie worked as a dishwasher, waitress, clothing clerk, restaurant manager, librarian, tutor and nanny. After receiving a degree, I began to look for work "to pay bills while writing a novel."

I got an analyst at the investment firm DE Shaw, whose vice president was Jeffrey Bezos. Her lockers were nearby and, as Mackenzie said in an interview, she often heard Jeff laugh, "in that it was impossible not to fall in love."

In the end, Mackenzie invited the chefs to dinner, three months later they announced the engagement and after three more were married. "I needed a woman who would pull me out of the category of second-rate people, give me ideas, and help me implement them," Bezos said later.

In the summer of 1994, he told his wife about the idea of ​​an online store where you can order different products in the fastest and most convenient way possible. My wife suggested starting with books.

They left DE Shaw, bought a used car and traveled the country in search of a new home and headquarters for the company. Mackenzie was driving, and Jeff, in the passenger seat, was a business plan and revenue forecast for the first year. Having started in Texas, they eventually ended up in Seattle, where they founded Amazon.

Mackenzie put aside the dream of writing and went to Amazon. At the same time, along with Jeff, she gave orders, packed them and took them to the post office.

"Without that, there would be no Amazon," says Alyson Shantell, editor-in-chief of the American Business Insider portal. And he recalls the famous aphorism of billionaire Warren Buffet: "The best thing a person can do for a successful career is to choose the right spouse."


Amazon shares began trading on the NASDAQ on May 15, 1997. Soon the spouses Bezos became millionaires. Mackenzie decided to return to the dream of a lifetime and picked up literature. His first novel, The Trial of Luther Albright, published in 2005, won the prestigious American Book Award. In 2013, the second novel, The Trap, was released.

"I usually write early in the morning, before the kids get up, then I study them and while they're at school I write some more," Mackenzie explained. And by 2013, she even took the kids (four of them) to school, and then – Jeff to work.

A friend of the Bezos family, Danny Hillis, once told reporters, "Jeff and Mackenzie are such a normal, close-knit family that it's almost abnormal." So for many the message that Bezos was divorced sounded like a blue ray.


The immediate cause of the divorce was the announcement by the popular National Enquirer tabloid of a lot of material about Jeff Bezos' novel with former TV presenter and actress Lauren Sanchez. For four months, journalists followed Bezos and Sanchez "in five states and 40,000 miles," accompanying them in "private jets, luxury limousines, five-star hotels and" secret "love nests.

In particular, the paparazzi photographed a meeting between Jeff and Lauren, which happened when the Bezos family went to Boston to visit their son, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In addition, Amazon boss talked to his lover in the same hotel where he stayed with his family.

The Inquirer also posted text messages that Jeff Bezos reportedly sent to a new boyfriend. For example, like: "I want to smell you, I want to breathe you. I want to hold you tight <…> kiss your lips <…> I love you The publication claims that the romance between Bezos and Sanchez has been underway for at least eight months.

It is worth noting that Lauren Sanchez is also a very unusual woman. A successful actress, starring in such films as "Fight Club", "The Day After Tomorrow", "We Buy a Zoo", "Cell" and various TV shows. He has a helicopter pilot license, owner and head of a small helicopter company.

His film and television career has certainly contributed to the marriage to Hollywood agent Patrick Whitesell, whose clients include Matt Damon, Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. Sanchez is not officially divorced, though, according to the tabloids, she and Whitesell have lived separately since September.

Revenge of Donald?

The volume and content of the commitment presented by the National Enquirer led many observers to doubt that these materials could have been collected as a result of the usual journalistic investigation. We realize that the publication belongs to David Pecker, an old friend and ally of Donald Trump.

In addition, one of the authors of the scandalous publication about Bezos is Dylan Howard, who along with Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen is considered the main organizer of a public relations campaign against women who accused the current White House chief of harassment sexual.

Jeff Bezos, on the other hand, belongs to the Washington Post, a newspaper that constantly criticizes Trump since his entrance into the presidential race. In July, the White House chief came in to post a tweet, calling The Washington Post "the Amazon company's propaganda machine" and promising the newspaper would "go into bankruptcy in seven years."

With all of this in mind, the version that the Trump administration is behind a journalistic investigation into the Amazon boss's love affairs seems plausible.

As for Mackenzie Bezos, she may be comforted by the prospect of becoming the richest woman in the world: as a result of divorce, she should receive $ 69 billion. In addition, it will receive half of the 16.3% interest in Amazon, which now belongs to Jeff Bezos, which will make Mackenzie one of the most influential shareholders of the largest company in the world.

Maxim Rubchenko, RIA

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