Than for Apple turned the attempt to collect equipment in the US


With the advent of Donald Trump to power, rumors about a possible transfer of iPhone production from China to the United States began to appear more and more. It seems Apple's return to his homeland was a priority for the president, who was ready to go even to aggravate trade relations with China if the "apple" technology were made in the United States. But unfortunately, meeting this requirement will be almost impossible, as evidenced by the little-known but very revealing story that happened to Apple in 2012.

According to her, sales of the Mac Pro 2013, whose production was decided to be released in the United States, were postponed due to the lack of screws from American suppliers. The Apple contractor in Texas, who was responsible for supplying spare parts to the company, was unable to produce more than 1,000 bolts a day. As a result, Apple has nothing more to do but order the missing components of its Chinese partners, who are able to manage the plan more efficiently.

American IPhone will not go

Over the years, little has changed except for the opening of Pegatron's assembly facilities in the United States. But if Apple can not complete the assembly of Mac Pro, which is a niche product and quit almost in limited quantities without incident, it and its US suppliers will definitely not be able to handle the iPhone launch. But we are talking about the most popular smartphone in the world, which will have to be released in runs of tens of millions of pieces.

Tim Cook, being a visionary leader, does not even agree to try to mount an iPhone in the United States because he understands that this venture will not be as successful as Donald Trump imagines. Even if all Apple products imported from China are subject to a 20% tax, it would still be more profitable for the company to collect them in the Middle Kingdom. Well, in the most extreme case, there are neighboring states like India, Malaysia and Vietnam, which Apple will be happy to accept.

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